15th August 2017

Dear Diary….

We finally got to see the movie ‘Dunkirk’ this morning. While the epic was visually stimulating and a cinematographic masterpiece, the same cannot be said of the music by Hans Zimmer. It was overly loud and extremely intrusive besides plagiarising Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’ to excess. What was remarkable was the performance of Harry (Nobby) Stiles from the pop group ‘One Direction’. Sensitive and powerful in his first major role. Less remarkable was the stellar performance of Mark Rylands who seems to infect every performance he undertakes with authenticity and vibrance.

Yesterday afternoon we continued to prepare for our holiday. My biggest concern is the plants we have been nurturing. I have got as many into the ground as I can but clearly some will need to remain in pots and may not survive our six week sojourn in France.

Tonight was Bridge Night and the cards were not as kind as they might have been but my opponents were as gullible as usual. For two ex-teachers, they display an considerable degree of knowledge of rules backed up with an alarming inability to remember where they are, what they have bid or what cards have been played.

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