Travelling in France – Biscarosse

One town that we enjoyed visiting in 2016 is just north of Biarritz and only 70 km from our last location at Sainte-Jean-de-Luz. Last year we arrived purely by chance to find that one of our friends, another Tribby owner was also staying at the site. We had chosen an Aire, one of three in the town and close to the beach.

Our friends had chosen a campsite above the town so it seemed natural for us to meet in the middle. As luck would have it we found that the weekend was filled with lots of events and activities for the local Fêtes de Plage, a celebration of local community spirit with fun and games for all ages culminating in a challenging cross country run for the fitter and more sober men and women.

When I say sober, there were very few people left in that condition by Sunday morning. Almost every stall in the town square was selling food and drink. Rather like a beer festival, you buy a commemorative plastic beaker and then wander round the the stalls getting it filled by whatever they had to offer. If you were really thirsty you could ‘hire’ a 2 litre ‘pichet’ and have that filled instead to share with your friends or glug, hidden, in a quiet corner.

This year we had decided to meet those same friends at the same place, this time on purpose. We had both chosen to stay at the campsite which was around €1 per night more expensive than the Aire but with all the facilities of a large campsite including bar and pool.

It’s a great place to stay, meet old friends and make new ones. The atmosphere is lively and irreverent, the people are ultimately friendly and the surroundings are astonishingly beautiful.

Camping: Campéole Biscarrosse Plage Sud, 230, Rue des Bécasses

40600 Biscarrosse-Plage, Landes