About the Author


This is a personal blog about my life, travel, experiences and opinions. If what I write offends you then please move on, I will not be offended.

Feel free to wander about as you wish.   MBH (My Better Half) has provided a number of photos on this site and I freely acknowledge her skill in capturing the moments we both treasure.   Some other photos I have borrowed from the Internet and I will gratefully acknowledge their authors if I can find them.   


A large vocabulary is like an artist having a big palette of colors. We don’t have to use all the colors in a single painting, but it helps to be able to find just the right shade when we need it.

Anu Garg, American author, columnist, and founder of Wordsmith.org

Strider is the nom de plume of John Dowson.   John lives with his wife in
East Yorkshire, England, he has four children and eight grandchildren of whom he is inordinately proud.


  1. Aha! The man behind the (commenting :))) nom de plume. Love the bio! Four kids and eight grandkids, wow! And especially liked your travel posts, including (your wife’s?) beautiful photos. (I can’t seem to “like” posts from outside WordPress Reader — I wonder if others have the same problem? — but please know I “liked” them in spirit. :))

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Hmm. I think I need to sort out my settings and learn a bit more about how WordPress works. Watch this space.


    2. Hi Strider I don’t think it’s a problem with your settings. It’s a problem either with WP, and/or Chrome, and/or the extensions I have in Chrome, and/or the combination of all three together — I have searched it online and many blogs have this problem, so it’s not just your blog in particular. I can’t “like” anyone else’s WP blogs from the front end either; only posts I see in Reader view (i.e. in the WP “back alleys” as I like to call them).


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