Travelling in France – Saint Jean de Luz

Every few days we find ourselves a ‘proper’ campsite so that we can charge our batteries, refill our tanks and, most importantly, have a shower. Now, of course, our Tribby has a shower but since the bathroom is approximately the same size as me and any shower curtain instantly takes on the properties of industrial clingfilm if a drop of water touches it. I have showered in extremis but because the curtain doesn’t quite fit I was treated to howls of concern as water leaked out below the door into the main corridor between the bedrooms and the main dining room.

For this reason we decided to ignore our planned destination – the Aire at Hendaye – in favour of Flower Camping’s campsite at Saint Jean de Luz. We have used FlowerCamping many times before and find their sites relaxed and welcoming. The one at Saint Jean de Luz is typical, long and sprawling paralleling the beach just yards away and with the tightly packed pitches you will see all over southern France.


Because we hadn’t booked and because the site is always ultra-busy we spent the first night in a grassed parking spot by the entrance barrier before being moved on to a proper site for the next two nights. It’s nice there if you like to interact with the rest of the world as they pass by some few inches from your chair and smiling at your second glass of wine.

One thing to be aware of is that if you go outside school holidays then you will still find it buzzing with children but mostly of toddler age. This can either be charming or infuriating depending on your point of view. Certainly don’t expect a peaceful lie-in listening to the roar of the waves as they crash onto the sand.

You can find more detail of the campsite here and of the resort here.


  1. “I have showered in extremis” ahahaha I love it! Great camping post. So you are in france, camping by the seat of your pants! I’m a little jealous of retired life. ;)) Enjoy <33



    1. Not in France atm. This post was written some months ago but I split it from a larger post. We are off in the camper next week, perhaps I’ll blog it, perhaps I’ll be too busy enjoying myself.

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