Camping CarParks – Evreux

We had decided to abandon the Aires de Camping temporarily to try out another of the Camping Car Parks network of mini sites. These are immaculate small sites of between six and twenty pitches usually including electrical hookup and even wifi in the price of around €9 per night. All are protected by key-entry barriers, the key being your membership card which can be topped up either online or at the entry point. The one at Evreux is by the banks of a small river less than five minutes walk from the town centre.


You may notice a small flower bed behind the Tribby. We found this to be a small herb garden provided free for us to use by local volunteers who have their own Facebook page.


Evreux offers free herbs to campers.  The site is popular with British van owners and each pitch shows the maximum vehicle length, making it easy to park. We never found it full but vehicles arrived and departed regularly during the day.



Evreux will be lovely… when it’s finished! The whole town is dug up. With massive works around the canal basin. Despite this the town has charm as a university seat of learning, filled with bright young things dashing around putting the world to rights.


screenshot 2019-01-29 12.10.55

Evreux sits astride the river Iton and has been recognised since medieval times as a seat of learning particularly by the Jewish faith.   Its sons became kings of Navarre and essentially rulers of most of the Normandy region.


More information: Camping CarParks.  64 boulevard de Normandie  N49°01’23.0″ E1°08’18.9″ €9.20/24h

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