We do not negotiate with terrorists… just toddlers!

Oh so funny and oh so true!

Staying Sane as a Mummy of 3

The sucky bits- Part 3

In my pre children smug phase where I made a list of all the things that I definitely would not be doing as a parent, negotiating was right up there with ‘not watching too much TV’ and ‘only buying wooden toys’… All three are going swimmingly!

I’d see hassled looking parents frantically trying to persuade their children to put their trousers back on in the frozen food aisle of Morrisons by waving a Freddo frog under their nose and would vow that I would never buy into this back and forth of bartering, bribing and negotiating! It was going to be my way or the highway! I would be right- they would be wrong and they would do as I said! I was a nob!!

By 9am I have done more deals than a typical London Stock broker does in a career! There are days…

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