What’s in a name?!

Hmm… we had lots of discussion about three of my four children. I seem to remember that my wife, my mother and my girlfriend won in every case. I give up!

Staying Sane as a Mummy of 3

I was driving along the other day, listening to the usual bickering in the back of the car when I stole a glance in the rear view mirror. There, looking back at me, were our beautiful, high spirited offspring, George in the centre, flanked either side by Esme and Ted. It got me to thinking how different our lives could potentially have been…

I don’t mean if we’d decided to not have children at all! Oh no sir-EE! I couldn’t begin to imagine what life would be like without them; gallivanting to restaurants or the cinema whenever we fancied, holidaying in exotic places with choices based on our desire to see the world rather than where serves chicken nuggets, popping out on a whim with nothing more under my arm than a debit card, a key and the feeling of gay abandonment! As far as I’m concerned, a life where…

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