Advice to Guardians of our Morality.

I used to like “Baby it’s Cold Outside” until I learned of its secret motive, to overpower and sexually abuse those we used to describe ‘the weaker sex’ until we were taught better.


The classic Christmas song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ has been banned from an increasing number of US radio stations, after listeners complained that it was inappropriate in the age of  gender and misogynistic exploitation.   I tried hard to find the originator of this complaint but all I could find was that it was attributed origially to members of the #MeToo movement.


Clearly we must be on our guard against sexual exploitation in its many forms.   It is not enough to be complacent and assume that since the odious Weinstein has been outed then everything in the garden is now rosy.  I am always anxious to help in any way that I can and, recently, while watching the supposedly wholesome musical film “The Sound of Music” I discovered a secret sinister message insinuated into the movie.  What was particularly dastardly is that the film-makers used innocent children to spread their evil message.

I have managed to extract the secret content of this odious message and reproduce it below.


Here are the greater thought crimes:

  1. That men will want to write on – clearly a covert reference to men’s ‘pens’ (ignore the missing ‘i’) and their wish to violate this young innocent girl.  Suggested replacement “That you will wish to write on”
  2. Baby it’s time to think – the odious word ‘Baby’ both condescending and demeaning is repeated  shortly after with Baby you’re on the brink.   Suggested replacement:  “Strong and stable woman it’s time to think/you’re on the brink”
  3. Timid and shy and scared are you – Assumptions made by an arrogant male of the supposed vulnerability and timidity of the female or female identfying gender fluid identity.  Suggested replacement:  “Strong and wise and fair are you
  4. You need someone,  Another male assumption that the female or gender fluid person ‘needs’ someone.   Suggested replacement “You don’t need anyone
  5. Telling you what to do, – The final insult to non-masculine gender identifying personkind.  It cannot be imagined the damage and trauma this statement alone could do to the unprotected mind.

It must be noted, if confirmation were needed, that the effect of these agressively sexually manipulative statements is to induce near-immediate brainwashing of the victim.   The effect is pronounced and permanent to the extent that the victim (Lisl) immediately repeats the same statements in confirmation of her subjugation literally word for word.

As part of my duty of care to the movement I offer these recommendations humbly acknowledging the harm that I and other men have done in the past.

I remain,

Yours faithfully,


Dr Chris Personnering

PS, please see other films or books on which I am working to resolve the issues of male dominance and propaganda contained within them.

The Bible (work in progress)
The complete works of Shakespeare (excluding Sonnet 32)
All Die Hard movies
All James Bond movies
All Marvel comics and movies
All DC comics and movies (excluding Wonder Woman)




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  1. This happened in Canada too. “Baby it’s cold outside” is one of my favourite winter songs (right up there with “Santa Baby”) and I felt irritated about the debate to not air it anymore on the CBC. Most fellow “Canucks” (as we sometimes call ourselves) felt the same, at least the ones I know. I love my homeland for its compassionate attempts at political correctness but there is such a thing as taking it too far.

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