What does screen time do to our children’s brains?

Just read a new study by Dr Gaya Dowling from the American National Institutes of Health that suggests (the report isn’t fully out yet) that significant brain structure changes occurred for the 4,500 nine and ten year old children studied who used tablets or screen-based technologies for more than seven hours a day.

The project aims to study 11,000 children over a decade at a cost of $300 million to see how far these changes extend. Okay, seven hours a day is a lot – you would think. But I just checked my screen time for today and… erm…

That my screen time for today. Just a normal day. No work (although the chart shows most of it was ‘productive’) and no games. And it’s still early evening!

What is most interesting perhaps is the unanswered question… when they took these brains out to measure them what did the do with the rest? I’m a Celebrity – Get Me out of Here is signing up a new batch of contestants?

Of course MY grandchildren are not like that!

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