Cartoon Fun

Some fun cartoons to lighten the mood.   My favourite cartoons through the decades were Giles cartoons, so much so that I was always excited to get the annual compendium of Giles as a Christmas present.   This one is perfectly juxtapositioned with a new female Dr Who and the rushing onset of the festive season.   There are a few more to enjoy below.

With acknowledgment and especial thanks to:
Giles, Matt, Scott Adams, Gerald Scarfe, Miki, Roy Delgado, McLean, Rodgie, Glasbergen and Max Eider

This is so ‘Trump’.   I can imagine, if ever he was faced with impeachment, this is the stance he would take.

I love Matt and have followed him for years.   This is exactly how I see the mentality of our ‘negotiators’ who seem determined to fight on the small things and surrender on the big issues.

Dilbert is another favourite.   I remember reprinting some of the cartoons and hanging them in my office to remind me that, sometimes, management can seem ridiculous.

I love Gerald Scarfe and how he can caricature personalities with such ease.

I’m not familiar with Miki but this cartoon perfectly describes the cameraderie of Rugby Union players – something which appears sadly missing in Soccer.

Somehow this cartoon by Roy Delgado sums up the modern approach to relationship seen in the eyes of an older generation.

There always has to be a joke about marriage.   I remember reading Andy Capp cartoons in my father’s daily newspaper for years.

Another glorious take on the popularity of American superheroes.   I confess I prefer Marvel to DC Comics though.  Do you?

Children eh?  I have to say our grandchildren do have excellent manners when they stay with us.

Sorry about this one.   It just made me laugh so much.

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