Vomit Inducing Briefs?

Feminists have described a Marks & Spencer window display that suggests women must have “fancy little knickers” as sexist and “vomit-inducing“.  

The display at the Nottingham store is juxtaposed with one which suggests men must have “outfits to impress”.  A campaigner altered the window so that it read “full human rights” instead of “knickers”.  

Another window display at the same Nottingham store is aimed at women and suggests they, too, must have “outfits to impress”.  

Concern was raised when a photo was posted in a Facebook group called Feminist Friends Nottingham.   Fran Bailey asked: “Ok, M&S Nottingham, have we really not learned anything in the last 35 years? Or am I alone in finding this, their major window display, completely vomit inducing?  I think M&S using the slogan ‘must-have’ over Christmas fripperies is very distasteful when true necessities are lacking for many working and non-working people; the true necessities being warmth, shelter and food,” she said.  

One reply to the Facebook post alluded to a rape trial in which the defendant’s lawyer suggested a teenage girl’s choice of underwear suggested she had consented to sex.  

Source:  BBC News  


Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully agree that women should be treated with respect and should not be forced to wear demeaning clothes but… really? 

First, if I ever thought to buy MBH any sexy underwear she would slap me round the face with a haddock until my ears rang.  I tried it once before I knew her better.  She sat me down and explained with tender patience that they were extremely uncomfortable, totally impractical and, anyway, they weren’t her colour.   This is when I learned the value of the ‘double gusset’.


I do have a problem with this feminist criticism however as the same people don’t seem to have so much of a problem with adverts from the same retailer featuring a scantily clad male model wearing David Gandy underwear – I’ve bought a whole wardrobe based on the attraction they appear to have for women.


Finally, have women realised just how hard it is for men to find and choose and buy romantic, personal gifts for their women?  When you’ve bought the first diamond necklace there is little point in buying another.   The same goes for other types of jewellry.   Any man who can correctly select clothing or accessories for the discerning woman is most likely, by derivation, to be gay and therefore exempt from the process.   Buying perfume is fraught with danger and I know of seven married men who mistakenly thought it a good idea to buy their significant other a domestic appliance as a present even though they knew she needed one.   All seven are buried deep in adjoining graves in the Cemetery of Ignorance. 

For me, as for many other men today, the whole process of buying presents for women is just…   pants! meMmBvu 

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