Have less sex, it’s normal! – 19th November 2018

We used to worry that our children were out having unprotected sex at every opportunity and I’m sure our parents thought the same about us and their parents thought the same….   Ewww!


Reassurance comes from a report today in The Atlantic by Kate Julian that American children are having less sex than ever before And I’m guessing that the same applies in Europe, in the UK and in Yorkshire as well.   She says: “The share of Americans who say sex between unmarried adults is “not wrong at all” is at an all-time high. New cases of HIV are at an all-time low. Most women can—at last—get birth control for free, and the morning-after pill without a prescription.”


“…Grindr and Tinder offer the prospect of casual sex within the hour. The phrase If something exists, there is porn of it used to be a clever internet meme; now it’s a truism. BDSM plays at the local multiplex—but why bother going? Sex is portrayed, often graphically and sometimes gorgeously, on prime-time cable. Sexting is, statistically speaking, normal.    Polyamory is a household word. Shame-laden terms like perversion have given way to cheerful-sounding ones like kink. Anal sex has gone from final taboo to “fifth base”—Teen Vogue (yes, Teen Vogue) even ran a guide to it. ”   She continues: “despite all this, teenagers and young adults are having less sex. n1VYlYa   To the relief of many parents, educators, and clergy members who care about the health and well-being of young people, teens are launching their sex lives later. From 1991 to 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey finds, the percentage of high-school students (14-18 year olds) who’d had intercourse dropped from 54 to 40 percent. In other words, in the space of a generation, sex has gone from something most early teens have experienced to something most haven’t.     Meanwhile, the teen pregnancy rate has plummeted to a third of its modern high.  Signs are gathering that the delay in teen sex may have been the first indication of a broader withdrawal from physical intimacy that extends well into adulthood.”


Running alongside this trend is a remarkable reduction in male fertility.  According to scientists  at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, sperm counts among men in the west have more than halved in the past 40 years and are currently falling by an average of 1.4% a year. The problem is particularly urgent in the West, where as shown above couples are having families much later in life.. In 2014, 52% of all live births in the UK were to mothers aged 30 and over (67% of fathers fell into this age group). However, when a woman reaches the age of 32 her chances of conceiving start to decrease gradually but significantly until, by 40, they have fallen by half. At the same time, more and more men now have sperm counts low enough to impair their fertility. n1VYm1o Combining the two factors it is suggested that humanity could soon become extinct as the population declines because the birth rate is below the death rate.   It is argued that the emerging nations particularly the Chinese can and will make up this deficit.   The problem here is that China, while massive, is a finite country with a maximum population.   As population declines in the West the pressure to expand in the East becomes steadily inexorable.   Population pressure inevitably leads to war for conquest as our history clearly indicates.   There is less pressure coming from the Middle East despite the bloody conquests currently destroying the countries there.


Do the Chinese recognise the long term game plan involved here?   Should we step up our game and encourage more sex and more babies?   Your views are, as always, appreciated.


Sources:   n1VY8km  

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