Thinking ahead – 16 November 2018

The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts.” – Charles Darwin

This quotation flies in the face of social media where the drive is to get as many unconnected thoughts to as wide an audience as humanly possible.    I suppose I’m as guilty as many others since this blog is partly a stream of my conscious thoughts and, while they are to a certain extent ‘controlled’, I don’t consider their effect on others who might read it.   I use the blog as a way of noting those things about which I am concerned or things which amuse me and it gives me a chance to organise those thoughts and practice writing, staving off the eventual loss of mental capacity that old age will bring.

So what are you all thinking right now as you read this relaxing in the bath / checking your phone on the way to or from work / taking a break at work or from cleaning, cooking or writing.   For many of us the approaching holiday brings anxiety either for our jobs or our finances or the looming uncertainty of our future relationship as a country with the rest of the world.

What I do know is this:  nothing lasts forever!  All of the things we are thinking about today will seem unbelievably distant in a decade’s time.   I remember worrying in November 2008 that I was going to have to stand up and say something to the people gathering to attend my granddaughter’s funeral.   I was trying to be strong for my wife, to support and understand the grief felt by my son and his wife and all the time I was picturing that beautiful dead child I held in my arms at the hospital.  

Now, ten years on, I’ve just spent some fantastic days with my seven year old grandson and, while we both still remember his late sister, the memory has faded, softened by the great memories that we and his parents have been blessed with since his arrival.   What I’m saying is this: don’t let life get you down.   Things will always get better.

In memory of ‘Gypsy’ Dowson

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