14th January 2018

Today much of social media is exercised with Donald Trump’s reported remarks about Haiti, El Salvadore and (all?) African countries being ‘shitholes’.

What is, for me and many Americans, is most worrying is the fact that The Donald denies his words despite witnesses at senatorial level confirming that he used the exact quoted words repeatedly. If he is able to deny a most obvious truth then what is to stop his conceit taking this further and denying actions such as attacks on other nations or even his own. Who will dare deny him?

Most of the developed world dismisses Senōr Trump as an idiot child and, certainly, his words are often childish. We should not ignore what this child is doing. Imagine your own child in the middle of a tantrum playing with a loaded shotgun behind your back.

The other major news story of the day is the ‘accidental’ announcement of an incoming missile alert over Hawaii. The conspiracy theorists are immediately jumping up and down suggesting this was a real alert about a real attack that was foiled in the nick of time. The end result was panic in a state already traumatised by monthly air attack drills and regular advice on sheltering from a nuclear blast. Although the alert was rescinded after 38 minutes the effect will have lasted much longer.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/13/us/hawaii-missile.html

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