12th January 2018

I’m back on my feet again after a bout of what has been dubbed ‘Aussie Flu’. Fortunately it wasn’t the French strain which is decimating our continental colleagues. Both are H3N2 derivatives but the French one seems particularly vicious in its symptoms.

New ‘French flu’ virus could make its way to Britain from across the Channel

So I emerged from my cocoon shivering and disoriented. I had spent a mere two days in bed but had eaten nothing for almost three. I weighed myself after a shower to find that the experience had deprived me of at least four pounds of weight. So that’s all good then!

In my sweaty isolation I had missed a few interesting snippets of news…. Theresa May declaring war on ‘plastic’, Kate Middleton suggesting that social media is addictive and some woman pretending that 290 illegal Tramadol were for her husband’s bad back despite the NHS stating that this number of strong painkillers would never be prescribed. And…of course….the NHS faces its worst crisis ever.

I like this cartoon:

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