Île de Ré

It’s hard to decide where to start with this jewel off the coast of La Rochelle. We have been coming here regularly for more than twenty years, starting back in he day when our accommodation was a tent in the campsite lÎle Blanche, run by an unwelcoming Madame who viewed us poor campers with obvious disdain.

For three of the past four years we have been bringing our small motorhome to Flower Camping’s Bel Air campsite at La Flotte. This ex-municipal campsite continues to develop and improve in most areas just on the edge of La Flotte, some ten minutes walk from the port itself. One of its attractions is a significant Intermarché supermarket behind the site just through the trees. Handy for an early morning croissant or pain au chocolat fresh from the independent baker there. I’ve noticed an alarming increase in the price of these pastries this year, averaging out at about €1.10 when last year I remember them being below the euro each. I suppose that it’s helping my waistline to abstain more frequently than before.

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