17th August 2017

Dear diary…

Today we are taking our little motorhome southwards along the M1, M42 and M5 to Malvern for a few days with our fellow Tribby owners. For the uninitiated, the Tribby is a Trigano Tribute motorhome or a converted Fiat Ducato van. We all get together at one of the national motorhome shows to share experiences, drinks and laughter. In this case we are attending tone of the largest shows at the Three Counties Showground.

The show has a Country and Western theme with gunfights and fancy dress although the serious way the attendees consider their outfits I suspect they might lynch me for calling it ‘fancy dress’. A warning is displayed that all guns must be checked in on arrival to ensure they do not break any of the carrying laws in the UK.

The journey is shorter than I expected and we are soon parking up in our allotted space and hugging our friends that we haven’t seen since our last get together in Stoneleigh only a couple of months ago. The grass is impossibly green and the sun warm and welcoming. After the few minutes setting up our sunshade, chairs and my new flagpole proudly flying the Yorkshire flag we are passing the wine around and telling stories well into the evening. At that point the setting sun leaves behind a chill which sends us scurrying to the warmth of our campers and a warming, nourishing sausage casserole.

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