Diary – Arms for the Harmless?

The day before yesterday two unarmed police officers were shot dead while on a routine call on a house in Hattersley.   Police knew about the alleged murderer and had interviewed him previously.  The estate had been raided weeks previously.  Did no one think to tell these two poor plods about the potential danger or was this another case of the boys setting the girls up to fail?


Closer to home, yesterday a man was critically shot in the street outside his home.   A neighbour said he was a nice man who ‘never had any run-ins.’  “I was gutted when I heard because he’s a nice kid. I have lived here about 25 years and we have never had anything like this before, he always waves when he sees you and we always have a natter in the street.”


Is it so easy for someone  who shouldn’t have one to get a gun and yet so difficult to protect our protectors from them?

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