Oh well, Citius, Altius, Fortius

Bugger! They’ve cottoned on to Dom's idea of getting everybody infected and then harvesting the blood of the survivors for a spiffing vaccine to protect our friends. Have to change modus operandi and find some other way to kill off the old and sick and improve my cash flow. I know they’re a lot of... Continue Reading →

Gypsy Christmas food bank challenge is just one of their many contributions to society

Hazel Marsh, University of East Anglia While out shopping with his baby daughter last month, Watson Harrop Jr. – a Gypsy and professional harness racer from County Durham, UK – sparked off a social media challenge that has since gone viral. Harrop filmed himself at his local supermarket donating a trolley of groceries to a... Continue Reading →

100 Ways to Survive Hallowe’en

You know the drill. You’re going about your life, everything seems to be going fine, and then suddenly bad things start to happen. I don’t mean “Car broke down right after I got laid off” bad things. I mean, “Dead bodies are piling up and there are all sorts of things slinking around in the... Continue Reading →

Achieving Justice in a Conservative World?

This thought-provoking post by The Secret Barrister lays bare the cynical manipulation of government finances under this new Tory Leadership which seems to be throwing around unimaginable sums of public money as if the magic money tree had been hit by a blonde wigged hurricane.

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